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Recap Of Cat Camp NYC!

We attended the Jackson Galaxy's Cat Camp NYC last weekend.

Cat Camp vendor

It was super easy to get to by train and directly across from New York Penn Station at Penn Pavilion in the Pennsylvania Hotel.

We had no idea what to expect from an event like this, but I'm delighted to say there really was something for every cat lover who attended. On the ground floor there were over a dozen rescues set up with cats and kittens for adoption. At least one rescue was doing same day adoptions and waving fees for the first five cats adopted. We visited before we entered the vendor area and after, I am delighted to say many cats were getting adopted, even seniors!

After spending some time with the kitties we headed upstairs to the main vendor area. There were cat toys, organic catnip, gifts for cat lovers and non-profit cat rescue organizations mixed in throughout. There were also products to assist in pilling your cat, beds designed to alleviate separation anxiety, artists who would sketch your cat while you waited and more. Some of the big name cat product companies were representing their product but there was also start ups and small businesses, which allowed the opportunity to buy cat toys and furniture from people you might not get the opportunity to see elsewhere.

Of course I brought home some toys and they are currently being reviewed by my resident kitties, more blogs about those in the upcoming weeks!

There were also several seminars and speakers throughout the weekend including of course Jackson Galaxy himself. I did not get the opportunity to sit in on any of these due to time constraints but will definitely attend a few next year.

I would high recommend attending Cat Camp and I plan on going again next year. Hope to see you there!

Cat Camp vendor

Next up: Kittydelphia Sat. July 28- Sunday July 29, 2018

The Cat Nanny is a proud sponsor of Kittydelphia and will be posting more info in the coming weeks.

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