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5 Reasons Why A Cat Sitting Service Might Be A Better Choice Than Boarding Your Cat

1. Cats seem to do best in their own familiar environment. Since

stress can cause illness, there's always a rick of your cats becoming sick while being boarded even in the best of circumstances.

2. Your cat will be exposed to other cats indirectly while being boarded. This can possibly expose them to viruses, parasites and diseases. Keeping your cat at home will avoid any exposure to strange cats.

3. You cat is used to a daily schedule. At The Cat Nanny our Cat Care Specialists will do everything possible to replicate your daily routine with your cat. This reassures your kitty that everything is okay in their world.

4. If you have multiple cats in the home a cat sitter is almost always more reasonable than boarding because we don't charge you per cat but rather by the household.

5. With The Cat Nanny you will get daily updates on your cat including pictures. This way you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your cat is recieivng the highest level of care by our sitters!

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