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Cat Behavior Consults

Tess has an intuitive approach when it comes to cats. This comes from 30 years of owning cats, volunteering with cats in rescue and working as a feline veterinary technician. Cat Behavior Consults can help pet owners to understand the possible reasons behind undesirable behavior such as eliminating outside the litter box, acting aggressively towards other cats or people and destructive behaviors such as excessive scratching. 

In addition to her background as a vet tech, Tess is also a  member of the IAABC, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

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Tabby Cat Getting Pet

In Home Consult $75

This session includes a phone consult, followed by an in home visit which lasts about an hour. Finally a report will be emailed summarizing the recommendations made at the consult. In home visits are limited to Lower Bucks County residents.

Phone Consult $45

This 45-60 minute consult includes a phone conversation and follow up email report with recommendations made.We encourage videos sent prior to phone conversations showing the cat's home environment.

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